6 Ways To Maximize Facebook Advertising

6 Ways To Maximize Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the market. We say effective for a few reasons.

As Facebook nears the 2 billion user mark, it’s become crystal clear that no matter what your business is, your ideal target market is spending time on Facebook. This is great news for marketers and business owners.

Gone are the days where you had to mass advertise to a generic population with hopes that a few people are interested in your offer. We now have the capabilities to put our marketing message directly in front of the customers we want to reach.

This type of advertising is much friendlier to an advertising budget, provides much greater results, and most importantly, provides a measurable ROI.

Now that you see the benefits to Facebook Advertising, let’s explore 6 ways you can maximize Facebook advertising to reach your future clients.


1) Demographics – The first option when targeting your audience on Facebook is to get crystal clear on their demographics. Choose exactly who you want to reach by geo-targeting or customizing the location. Then you can select the preferred age, gender, and language.

You can even target your audience further by selecting More Demographics. This provides an immense amount of detailed targeting including name of employer, relationship status, financial net worth, and more. These options alone give you a strong foundation for your advertising.

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