Growing Your Following On Instagram

Growing Your Following On Instagram

Growing Your Following On Instagram

In the complex world of small business, every entrepreneur knows that social marketing can help to improve the company image or brand. One of the best resources to use for this kind of marketing is Instagram which has over two hundred million users. Instagram, owned by Facebook, simply provides a platform for ordinary people to instantly share their photos with the world. Growing in popularity, it has become somewhat of a marketing phenomena as well. At Social Sullutions, we are leaders in social media training and management. We can assist you with any issues you may have, including setting you up with a top notch Instagram Account.

Benefits For Business

For businesses growing your Instagram following means that you are exposing your brand to more potential customers. The more people that know about your company, the greater the likelihood that they will purchase your goods or services. Instagram gives businesses a more human feel so that your customers can get a sense of who you are as a person and not just as a corporate entity. It also stimulates interest through the display of fun filled or silly photos.

Create An Account

If you have not already done so, download the application and create an account. At this time you can opt to import friends from your contact list, from Facebook, and from Twitter to invite. Choose to do all three of these as this will increase your following immediately. Then you can also search for friends who are on Instagram, increasing your numbers again. Remember to follow others as they have followed you.

Post Photos

After you have set up your account, the next thing you have to do is actually post a photo. Find a few photos that your feel are appropriate for your company identity. If you don’t already have them, then take some. Edit the pictures, then apply a filter for color and shading to make them special. Add whatever information you want on the pictures, including geotags and hashtags. If they apply to you, using popular hashtags may sometimes attract followers also. You can even watermark the pictures using a Watermark Application so that your picture can be easily identifiable wherever it may end up on the web. Finally, you are ready to upload and share them.

Link Up

Link your website to your Instagram account. Connect your other social networks with your Instagram accounts or wallet so that you are cross promoting at all times.

Be Active

Share your photos consistently so that more people will see them. Like many photos so that your name/brand begins to be widely seen and recognized. Also tag others in your photos to expand your sphere of influence to their followers.

Growing more followers on Instagram can be a positive experience for you, whether your reasons are professional or personal. Let us at Social Sullutions supply you with the social media strategies which lead to success.

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