How To Navigate Through Google+

How To Navigate Through Google+

How To Navigate Through Google+ Often learning how to navigate your way through social media networks can be frustrating, prompting less than favorable results. As one of the most popular social networks in the world, Google+ is definitely a platform that should be given a try. With 540 million active users, it is an important communications resource. Social Sullutions can show you how to navigate through Google+.

Setting Up

First things first. Set up a Google account at; This is mandatory. Add a profile picture and create a public profile. From your Gmail account, you can find your way to Google Plus from the dashboard icon.

Adding to Your Circle

You can now add people that you know or people that you don’t know to your circle. There are ready made circles labeled: family, friends, acquaintances, and following. After you have added people to the appropriate circle, Google will ask you additional questions about school and work.

What You Will See

On the left sidebar you will see options such as communities, hangouts on the air, and events you can check out.

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On the right sidebar you will also see the hangouts box which displays the people and brands in your circles. In the center you will see your people’s posts and also popular posts. At this point you can You can also see what’s hot, displaying trending topics you might be interested in.

Responding To Posts

On the top right of every post you will see a symbol which looks like an upside down carrot. You can +1 a post (which is equivalent to liking), comment or share. You can also view it,mute it, embed it, or link it. You should also try Gsuite called as google apps to improve your business.

Navigating through Google+ will become easier over time but remember that help is always available. At Social Sullutions, we care about your social networking experience and can offer you the most efficient social networking strategies, and social media training.

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