How To Use Social Media To Build Your Email List

How To Use Social Media To Build Your Email List

Chalkboard - Social MediaWhile the social media landscape may still seem anarchic, the reality is that the rules governing it have begun to solidify. Even though new media continue to spring forth while others decay, it is possible to implement a social media strategy that will last. Building your email list is the first step in a long view strategy. Maintaining a presence on multiple platforms will ensure that your brand remains vital even as once ubiquitous companies morph and disappear into the Internet future.


Successful social media strategies use calls to action judiciously. A call to action is any embedded tool, such as a button or a banner, that encourages users to click. They are the most direct way to generate leads on social media, like Facebook or Twitter. Repeated calls to action will create follower fatigue, so it is vital to maximize the effect of each call to action. There must be an incentive for a user to click through. Coupons and discounts are a popular way to generate leads. The other incentive is through the use of unique and valuable content. Social media is not just the province of commerce, but also of social action. Many brands will highlight their community spirit through calls to action. Being a solid member of the community can generate followers and leads.


It’s important to be explicit in asking for action on social media. A simple “please like” is going to see more clicks than a similar call to action without a direct plea. In fact, just mentioning the word “like” or “comment” without a direct plea will get you clicks solely on the power of suggestion. In the same way, action verbs like “get” or even “sign up” create urgency from followers that can result in a new relationship.


Consistency is one of the strongest implements in your social media tool belt. Many companies start strong on social media platforms and then let their presence fade into the background. A social media strategy is more of a marathon than a sprint. If you’ve worked hard to gain followers and build relationships then it only makes sense to work hard to maintain those relationships. While calls to action are an effective way to generate leads, they can also be used to maintain relationships. Offering special deals to current relationships is one way to go. Most importantly, you must remain a presence on all the platforms you use.


Capturing and keeping relationships on social media is an art and a science. The analytics are available out there to measure and boost your success. Using Klout or Moz to track your strategy is a no-brainer in the current milieu. What will set your presence apart is the creativity and honesty you bring to it.

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